Am I playing this game right yet?

Time to play these again. #portal #gamer #pc #valve #burnyourhousedownwiththelemons

I went 5 minutes less than I usually go, but there was someone else in the work out room. My anxiety was at 100% but I powered through for 15 minutes? And only ended up with 100 less burned than yesterday. Ill be burning that walking around this stupid town today. Get some.

Hard not to be the happiest I’ve ever been when listening to this band.

After a week of not being able to work out? Punched this workout in the face. 500 calories is my new workout. Get some.

Stocking comics. My job is cooler than yours. #nerd #comics

I this dude can hook up to my computer? I’m saved. If not? I’m so fucked Im gonna cry.